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Mamy Poko
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Mamy Poko: Pants XXL-24 (15-25kg)


`499 20% OFF
(Cost per diaper: `16.67)
Mamy Poko: Pants XXXL-7 (18-35kg)


`299 20% OFF
(Cost per diaper: `34.29)

Mamy Poko Pants Online

Baby diapers have to be comforting. A baby wears diaper day in & day out and a diaper stays in contact with the baby’s ultra soft skin all through the day. So choosing the right diaper can therefore be unnerving. Mamy Poko Pants Online available from the Japanese company Unicharm are one of the best types of diapers that will be absolutely soothing for the babies. Mamy Poko Pants Online comes in sizes for babies weighing from 7kgs to 12kgs. The material of Mamy Poko Pants India is extremely soft and hypo-allergic and will cause no irritation to the baby. The material used in the Mamy Poko Diaper sare super absorbent and this keeps the baby’s skin dry and wards of chances of rashes and infections.Baby Mamy Poko Diapers have all-around soft elastic with pores, which fits around the baby’s body comfortably and allows air to circulate freely. Mamy Poko for baby has a unique pant style that can be pulled up and does not have stickers like the conventional diapers, so this style is hassle free for use especially if the child is active or resists when you make him wear a diaper. Mamy Poko Pants India are soft, comfortable, dry, and lightweight and will keep your baby happy and comfortable.

Mamy Poko Pants India

Buy Mamy Poko Pants India from our online store and give your baby a relaxed time. The Best Mamy Poko for Toddler will ensure that nothing stops your baby’s play time and diaper changing does not become a an annoying task.Mamy Poko Diapers are going to be your best new friend as it will keep your baby happy and smiling all day long. Mamy Poko Pants Pricewill not be an issue because this cost worthy diapers will satisfy you for sure with their top class quality.Buy Mamy Poko Online and other baby care products, baby clothes and baby dresses from our online store and provide your little angel with the best.

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