Chicco Hot Humidifier Humi Relax

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A correctly humidified environment helps to maintain the natural protective functions of the nasal mucous and the respiratory tracts, ensuring the best possible conditions for the wellbeing of your child.The Humi Vap hot humidifier works by nebulising water that is heated by a special element. The Humi Vap Hot Humidifier is ideal for use in rooms frequented by children: as the water is boiled, the steam it diffuses is totally bacteria free.The original system used to open and close the cover allows you to clean the tank thoroughly. The water can also be continuously topped up as desired.SpecificationsIdeal for rooms of around 30 m Refill continuousOli essences trayAutonomy: 7 hoursPower : 300 WDimensions: 20x20x20 cm

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