Avent Philips

Philip Avent Digital Steam Sterilizer - 220-240V

`  3,495.00
Total: `  3,495.00
Sterlize bottles, nipples, caps, etc with Philips Avent Digital Steam Sterilizer. It keeps items germ free for 24 hours.

-Sterilizes bottles, nipples and caps your for all 24 hours
-Advanced digital display and sound to keep you informed
-Natural steam sterilisation provides extra protection
-Ready to use in 6 minutes (approx)
-Capacity: 6 bottles (260 ml)
-Suitable for kids between 0-6 months
-How to use: Add water, load and select the mode
-Dimensions: 23.5 X23.5 X 32 cm
-Weight: 1.609 kg
-Contents includes: 1 tong and 1 measuring jug
-Power: 220-240V
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