Tollyjoy Baby Training Toothbrush Set

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Your kids will have their teeth shining with this best standard Tollyjoy tooth brushs. We proudly present baby training Toothbrush Set from TollyJoy which is consisting of 3 types of toothbrush for different stages baby's oral development.
- It is specially designed to assist in brushing baby's delicate teeth and gums thus keeping baby in good oral hygiene.
->Stage 1: 6 months and above baby with 2-3 milk teeth snap fit the shield completely onto toothbrush with soft elastomer rounded head to prevent choking when using.
->Stage 2: 10 months and above baby with 8-10 milk teeth, theyUse the toothbrush with soft elastomer bristles to gently brush in-between teeth.
->Stage 3: Baby with milk teeth fully grown- Baby can start brushing their teeth using toothbrush with soft and gentle nylon bristles.
-It's a good habit to brush teeth after each meal.

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