Mamy Poko

Pants L-20 (9-14kg)

`  265.00
Total: `  265.00
Mamy Poko Pants brings you pant style baby diapers are easy to wear and remove and allow babies move around and kick actively

-Fits comfortably, good breathability and soft texture for baby's soft skin
-Maxi Absorbent Core which soaks up to 6 glasses of water
-Soft leg gathers prevent leakage
-Less frequent changes
-No rashes, no itchy skin and easy to wear

-Size: Large
-Baby's weight: 9-14kg
-Quantity: 20
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About the Brand: Mamy Poko Pants are produced by Japanes company Unicharm, founded in 1961 and started with Baby diapers range since 1981. To provide the best products possible, Unicharm use state-of-the-art production technology, the highest quality raw materials and fully automated machines. Unicharm sells in 14 countries across Asia and serves 2.5 billion consumers. With MamyPoko diapers and Sofy sanitary napkins as their core products, they have emerged as the market leader in many of these countries.
Age: 9 months onwards
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