Teddyy Premium Baby Diapers M-42

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Teddy disposable baby diapers has moist distribution retention layer is incorporated to draw fluids away from baby's skin, and keeping your baby skin soft & dry.

-Made of super soft material
-Moist distribution retention layer is incorporated to draw fluids away from baby's skin.
-Side leak guards provide effective leak control.
-Wonder fit waist band designed to fit perfectly around the baby's waist to prevent leakage and comfort.
-Unique cool care system allows better fresh air circulation.
-Materials used are non woven fabric, pulp, absorbent polymer and ADL (acquisition distribution layer).

Size - Medium
Weight-Above 6-11kg
Quantity - 42

Age: 6 months onwards

3.4out of 5

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Bad experience

I have been using Teddy Premium diapers for my son for the last one year and have been happy with it till the last purchase.. . I ordered two packs of M-42 and they turned out to be sub standard products unlike teddy. . 1. The padding kept breaking on use and had to replace diapers very frequently. Never had this issue earlier. 2. The absorbing capacity of the diaper was dismal and it started leaking. 3. there is no indicators for changing the diapers. earlier they used to have color strips which changed colors.. . Overall a bad experience this time and not sure if teddy has dropped their quality.

Good product

I tried all diapers for my new born who is now 4 months old. She got terrible abrasion rash from pampers active baby diapers. Also, huggies didnt suit her as well. . I was disappointed thinking i will not find diapers which suit her dry and sensitive skin. Then somebody recommended Teddys.. They suit her completely with no rash or redness whatsoever. However i faced on issue, when she passes stool, these diapers sometimes leak from the side. It also could be because my daughter is a big heavy baby with a wide bottom.. Otherwise thumbs up to teddys!

Nice product

I found the diapers suitable for my baby's skin and are easier on the pocket too. However the wetness indicator does not seem to be working.. Babyoye's services were commendable.


after reading the good reviews for teddy diapers , i ordered for the same..... MY BIGGEST Mistake!!! . . Its a low quality product...started bunching after 1/2 - 1 hr of wearing it. There was no wetness indicator ..tho on the packet it was mentioned.... the fit was bad .... i am moving back to my earlier brand.... . I dont know whether it was a production problem.... i aint gonna take a chance again!!!!

Thumbs Up

i have been using teddy since birth of my baby and should say that im totally satisfied. especially the premium one which is cloth feel is awesome.. would totally recommend it... and also price wise it fits in the budget...

truly value for money and no compromise upon comfort

I was using Garfield for my baby and I was very satisfied with that. It was out of stock here so I was getting it from another site. But once in emergency I had to select something else, I have gone for teddy and I must tell you. It was so good that I am continuing with same. Its less expensive than Garfield though its wetness indicator is not as visible as Garfield, rest of the quality is same.

value for money!

i have always used pampers but on suggestion from a friend i used these diapers and i must say that i'm quite happy. They are very soft to feel and also remain dry for prolonged periods.


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