Chhota Bheem

Chhota Bheem Book Vol 8 - Talking Parrot

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Once Daku Natwar disguised as Babu comes to Dholakpur as an expert fortune teller with his talking parrot, 'Paro'. Soon Paro starts predicting the future of everyone in Dholakpur. In the royal court, Babu predicts that the neighbouring kingdom of Bhotakpur is going to attack Dholakpur and advices the King to attack Bhotakpur first. Devil mind Daku Natwar before visiting Dholakpur, Babu has adviced Bhotakpur's king to attack Dholakpur. How will Chhota Bheem figure are about the dangerous plans of Natwar? Can Bheem prevent a war between Dholakpur and Bhotakpur? Read the comic book to find out.

Age: 36 months onwards

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