Chicco Classic Baby Control Monitor

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Chicco Analogue Baby Control is the ideal system which allows you to remain in constant contact with your baby. 2 devices that enable you to constant monitor your baby whilst he sleeps or plays without disturbing him.Features --Has 2 transmission channels to prevent interferences-Luminous LEDs which indicate the level of noise in the baby's room.-Devices (parent and baby) can run on batteries (rechargeable batteries included for the parent device) or plugged into the mains (two adaptors included).-Transmission frequency: 40.67-40.69 MHz.-Operating range: Approx * 150 m. * In good range conditions without any obstacles.- This comes in 2 versions: 230 Volt and 120 Volt.Specifications-150m maximum range-voice activaction- rechargeable batteries parent's unit included-230V~, 50/60Hz /About: Chicco is the most important brand of Artsana, an Italian company founded in 1946. Is specialized in making babies/toddlers juvenile and safety equipment, apparel, toys, nursing and cosmetics. It is based in Como (Lombardy).

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Worth it

This classic baby monitor is worth buying.even a small cry of the baby is heard very clearly.I am very much satisfied with the product.thank you chicco now I can work without any worry while the baby is asleep.

Great Buy

This is a must have if you want to start letting your baby sleep in a separate room. Lets you have a good nights rest and alerts you if baby so much as mumbles in his sleep! Also useful to help sleep train your baby..

best from Chicco

best product from Chicco ever...doing other chores with a baby at home is finally possible

Perfect gift

Thanks to babyoye for stocking this and to my hubby for picking it up. This is just an awesome product. Now I can attend to my personal work with no worries about the sleeping baby. Any slight sound that he does in his sleep, there is a superb clarity and the device picks it up to alert me. Perfect and a definite recommend for Moms who stay back at home to take care of their lil ones.



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