About Us

We are about happy beginnings! babyoye.com was conceived to provide the online generation of modern Indian parents with the opportunity to access the best in pregnancy infant-care and mother-care products and services at the click of a button.

Bringing a baby home is probably the most cherished experience for a parent. Along with the exhilaration comes the responsibility to provide the new family member with the very best in every sphere. Babyoye wants to be your partner in ensuring that you make an informed decision, have access to world class prducts and serives while paying honest prices. Expecting parents and new parents are happiest when they spend time with the family. With us by your side you can be assured that the you are probably relieved of the chores typically associated with having to procure baby provisions. Team babyoye has compiled special offers and serives that make buying provisions breeze and make planning for the babys environment a part of the happy moments ... like we said "Happy beginnings"!

Our Promise:

  • Innovative products
  • At your doorstep
  • Wide range
  • Accurate Information
  • Best value
  • With you all the way

About Babyoye

The domain name www.babyoye.com is registered in the name of Mahindra Internet Commerce Pvt. Ltd, a company registered under the Companies Act, 1956. We are setting up a local presence across most parts of India we grow. As responsible corporate citizens we are committed to bringing you products that are approved for sale in India by the parent brand and meets all Indian regulatory obligations. Products and services bought through us comply with all local rules and are backed by the warranty terms that the brands offer. We sell products only when we are convinced that all your consumer rights are fully protected.

Founding Team

Sanjay Nadkarni

The internet has become ubiquitous because of its promise to change our lives. From the time that I set up my hotmail account in the 90's I believed that this was inevitable. Having being bitten by the bug early I have been fortunate enough to mould my career to understand the nuances of the online world. After having worked with some of the leading tech and telecom infrastructure companies in various roles, I felt it was time to answer my calling.

As an urban Indian parent, making an informed decision on critical infant-care/mother-care options represented one of the greatest challenges that Aru and I faced. We lost count of the number of times that we experienced inferior services and sub standard products. Being dogmatic and stubborn we inevitably ended up discarding what did not work, and buying new products or changing service providers. The experience made us realize that most young parents must be going through the same heartache.

Applying ourselves to make life happier for young parents in a similar situation made perfect sense to us. Thus babyoye was born. While bringing babyoye to life, I have chosen to think like a parent. Our intention is to enrich the parenting experience while taking care of the transactions. We have concentrated on:
Bringing you world-class products that are most likely to meet your expectations. The products that you can buy at babyoye have parents as loyal clientele across the globe. While we have taken utmost care in selecting products we understand that some may not suit you. We have a friendly returns policy in place that your bound to appreciate.

Since raising a child goes beyond buying simple products we have added a suite of services related to pregnancy and parenting that are part of your daily and special needs. You will be able to contact specialised service providers who can advise you on your diet, nutrition, exercise regimen, wellness amongst others. We have also bought together experts to help you plan and design your nursery for you, help you announce your baby and celebrate special occasions like baby showers, birthday parties and other events. All this is in your city!

Parenting is much easier when you are in a position to share your experience. We have integrated babyoye with most popular social media engines like Facebook and Twitter to allow to share your stories/preferences with your community.

I personally believe we have a lot to learn as parents and look forward to your feedback and suggestions to improve the site. If there are specific service issues that have caused any dissatisfaction, I am happy to hear from you personally. Please do write in to me at sanjay.nadkarni@babyoye.com

Thanks for using babyoye and HAPPY PARENTING!

Arunima Singhdeo

The day I found our I was pregnant was perhaps one of the happiest moments in my life. Well at that time little did Sanjay and me know that we were entering a world of endless choices to be made ... selecting a doc, hospital, antenatal classes, yoga, nutritionists, making room for the baby at home, cribs, strollers, baby consumables, breast pumps, bathing solutions, towels, organic or not, diapers or cloth etc etc ...

Month 4 - Sanjay kept screaming at me ... we need to join an antenatal class. Again we enrolled in one which we hated and then chanced upon another which changed the way we looked at birth. I strongly believe we had a beautiful birthing experience because we made an informed decision on what we wanted

Month 7,8,9 - Crazy, I got bigger and we spent all weekends in malls trying to purchase what we thought we needed. Again I got two baby baths, two breast pumps and god forbid but yes - two strollers. Why? Because the first time, we simply didn't know what all was available and made uninformed decisions. We so badly wanted to set up a baby nursery, but time just flew

After birth - Month 1-12 - we have made atleast 2 visits a month to shops 10-25 km away to purchase baby essentials - diapers, creams, soaps, high clair, spoons. We wanted the best and it wasn't available at my kirana store. Again stores where we found good stuff ... rarely did we get the full range

Babyoye is our attempt to make life easier for new parents. Much more confident on child birth and care, we now wish to help expecting and new parents make informed choices on what to purchase - whats needed and what is available at different price points. All this so you can relax, not fret about making wrong buying decisions and enjoy your weekends. We deliver all our products right till your doorstep. You can now just hear some soothing Mozart and enjoy the experience of being pregnant or a new parent and let us deliver high quality products to your house.

If you are unhappy with anything - call us and we will replace it if it isn't damaged.

What we offer is the entire range at the best prices posible. Be it for everyday care, travel, feeding or even designing and delivering a beautiful room or nursery for your littel baby ... we intend to take the paing out of it and help you choose what's best for you and then deliver it just when you want it right in your own home. That's what we are about: babyoye.com - Your own baby & pregnancy products & services guide. Please do write to me at arunima@babyoye.com

With love- Arunima


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