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Potty Training
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Potty seat for babies

Baby potty seats are probably one of those things in your baby shopping list of baby food, baby care products and Baby Toys that you are not in a hurry to purchase. With the ease of diaper use, baby potty seatscome at a much later stage. However, once your little one reaches the age of two, it’s time for you to consider buying apotty training seat and inculcate some basic hygiene habits. This transition can sometimes be difficult and even scary for the child, thus it is important that parents look for customized potty seats for kids that will help make the task less horrendous for them and even fun. You can find a range of these products in at our online shop- babyoye.

Potty training seat

A good quality potty training seatwill make the transition from diapers to kids potty seats easy and fun. Popular brands Fisher Price, Chicco, Okbaby have a range of such comfortable baby potty seats in a variety of makes, designs, colours, patterns etc. You can find customized versions like a anatomic potty training seat, scooter potty training seat and soft comfortable attachable potty seat covers that also provide features of being splash proof. They are light and easy to clean and have soft, round edges that make sure your little one does not get hurt in the process. Potty seats for babiesmay seem like an easy purchase but some careful thought into the product can make a lot of difference in the experience of forming hygiene habits.


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