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Baby food plays a vital role in the development of a child’s physical and mental abilities. Scientists have proven that 95% of the brain development takes place till 6 years of age. Thus, it is important that you give your baby the right food like cerelac food, gerber ,in the right amount at the right time. Make sure that your little one gets proper nourishment during his early years so that his brain can develop to its maximum potential. Unaware of baby food regime, feeding the right quality of baby food for the proper growth of the toddler becomes a major issue of concern for new parents. our baby online shop comes to the rescue of parents with doubts and queries regarding the type of food their little ones must consume.

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Paediatricians suggest that babies must be made habitual to the right kind of diet at daily fixed intervals from an initial stage for a healthy lifestyle. Thus, for your convenience our baby online store gives you the freedom to make use of our age specific baby food chart that will help you to choose the right amount of nutrients for your growing child. Providing healthy food for kids is a major concern of every parent. The diet of young kids must be full of fibre content and iron for all day energy and easy digestion. Also, your child’s food must be rich in iodine for an enhanced metabolism and brain development. You can choose from the range of food for kids at our store that include beginnings corn, 1st bites ragi and dal, infant formula 1, naturice and lots more.If you are looking for the traditional Indian food for babies with quality nutrients, our Online baby food India section offers you to purchase from the variety of Indian baby food available in the market. Our age specific baby food chart and baby food online India makes your task easy. Our online store also brings you organic baby food as well every kind of 3 month baby foods to 3 years baby food available to suffice the personal physical needs of your growing child.



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