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Protinex India Products

Protinex products are a wholesome range of nutritional drinks not only for children but more importantly for adults as it provides -. nourishment, strength, stamina and immunity. Protinex high protein supplement original is a scientifically formulated, balanced nutrition supplement, with the power of protein and fortified with essential minerals, low fat and vitamins. It has at least 50% extra protein compared to leading health drinks. With increasing number of kids being fussy eaters and preferring junk food in their diet it is necessary to provide kids with a protein supplement as protein is a critical growth nutrient as its requirement increases every two years Protinex junior chocolate aims to provide young children with protein to meet their growing needs. Protinex diabetic protein supplement is a diabetic protein supplement which contains a blend of essential nutrients that provide the right nutrition to manage diabetes. It has not added sugar, zero percent saturated fat and has a low glycemic index. Protinex Price India You can buy Protinex Products in all packaging sizes as per your individual requirements and needs. The Protinex price India varies depending on the size of your packet and is suited to all budgets. You can purchase either a tin or a refill pack.


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