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Trudi Toys India

Trudi baby toys have been bringing smiles to young innocent faces with their range of vibrant, cuddly and adorable soft toys. Trudi was established in the year 1954 by its founder Mrs. Trudi Müller Patriarca who started the journey of this brand in her teens as a hobby. Making soft toys for her close ones with a needle and some fabric as a pass time, she gave a birth to this huge innovative commercial venture. Trudy toys India brings to you a range of charming soft toys for your little ones that promise to be your little ones most faithful and most loved childhood companions. Soft toys are very essential for kids during the early phases of their mental and physical growth. These warm and cuddly toys give your infant a sense of security and comfort during nights and a companion to play and talk with during day time. Buy Trudi doll for your little angel and gift her aher life-long lesson of true friendship and love. Trudi doll 12 will teach your child the social mannerisms and help enhance her verbal communication skills. At babyoye you can easily buy trudi baby doll online at discounted rates and that too from the convenience of your home.

Buy Trudi Doll

Buy Trudy doll and matching Trudi doll clothes in vibrant colours and varied sizes and styles. Trudi toys India online can be used as efficient child psychology profiling tools to monitor your child’s activities and reactions to situations. The house plays with these Trudi baby toys can help you develop a special bond with your little one as you spend quality fun time together with our range of creative teddy bears and dolls. Our Trudi back to school items will delight your school going toddler and encourage better learning at school. Explore our Toddler online store and bring home oodles of happiness and delight for your little bundle of joy.


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