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Dora: Casual Shoes

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Lunch Box - Blue
Dora: Lunch Box - Blue

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Lunch Bag
Dora: Lunch Bag

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Dora Games India

Cartoons and animations have been your best friends as kids and surely the tradition continues. Dora – the pretty little adventurous girl is a rage amongstgrowing girls and is just the destination to satiate your little one’s desire for Dora accessories. Dora games India has in store a number of interesting fun filled games that not only will be your kid’s favorite past-time but boost your child’s thinking ability and enhance memory skills. Buy memory game-Dora the explorer, Dora alphabet adventure or Dora learning drums and get Dora explorer in your homes. Dora puzzle games keep your child busy and at the same time help enhancing his/her analytical skills and boost memory. Bring home Dora games Indiaand gift your little one her favorite pass time, her friend for life and see her take her first step in the world of magic and adventure.

Dora Games For Girls

Dora games for girls is an exclusive collection of games for your little princess who has always wanted a hang of Dora’s adventurous and fun filled world. These include Dora Big Birthday adventure, Dora magical garden, Dora cooking game and even a new Dora dress up game. Solving puzzles is not just a task involving acumen, it is infact a fun filled adventure right on your couch which helps one build up on problem solving and analytical skills. Another popular series of games are the Dora puzzles for kids which include Dora the explorer - 4in 1 puzzle, alphabet learning puzzle etc which promise to be a fun filled adventure for your kid as he tries to explore and literally reinvent Dora’s world. Your little one’s role model Dora is online now. Buy dora games for kids and see your child unveil the world of fun filled escapades giving him/her an all new learning experience


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